Need the grab bars installed in STONE shower stall.

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Napoleon, normally a licensed carpenter should perform the retrofits, ensuring that the grab bars are installed in the wall studs. But as FF notes, since the walls are covered in stone, you probably would need someone skilled in that field so that the stone isn't cracked.

There might be some professional associations of stonemasons in your area; contact them and ask if they know of any of their members perform this kind of work.

You can also contact your local Area Agency on Aging, to ask (1) if they maintain a list of contractors who perform adaptive/assistive retrofits, and/or (2) are hosting an annual caregiving expo in your area. These are large expos attended by a variety of commercial and nonprofit agencies that provide in-home care, hospital service, transit services, retrofitting construction services and more. In Michigan, the expos are traditionally held in October.

Or, you can use the yellow pages of those old reliable phone books, or search online, for stonemasons and ask them if they do perform this kind of work.

I have a feeling you might have a hard time finding someone, especially if the stone is thick and could break easily. Don't be discouraged; just keep trying and researching.
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Since your shower is customized with stone, maybe you need to contact whomever put in the stone wall to install the bars. They would be more familiar with how to drill into the stone without it cracking.
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You are smart to be careful about this choice. There are a number of people who take your money and don't do quality work. Or they scope out your house for theft. Being careful is prudent.

Most of the plumbers, electricians, repair people that we have used were owned by family friends, many who attend church with my family members. Do you have church members or civic club friends who might know of someone?

You might also call your local senior center and see who they use. They may have a list of trusted people who have done work for them before.

I have tried to find a family owned company who advertises with a photo of their staff. And that they are bonded.
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