Life Insurance after stroke?


can my 70 year old husband get a life insurance policy ? He is 3 years post stroke.

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Just to add some additional specifics in terms of underwriting rates:
Insurance companies may add an additional charge called a flat extra to your cost during the first few years of recovery. Flat extras will drop off after a period of time.

Within 1st year of Recovery - Table 3-4 plus flat extra for 3 years
2nd Year - Table 3-4, plus flat extra for 2 years
3rd Year - Table 3-4 plus flat extra for 1 year
4th year - Table 3 range, most likely no flat extra
5th year - Standard rates may be possible
10th year - there is now 1 company offering possible preferred rates
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It is possible to obtain life insurance after a stroke, and in some cases it may be possible to obtain life insurance within 6 months of having a stroke, or what we see more commonly are TIA's. Life insurance underwriters assign table ratings, numbered 1-16. Each table rating adds approximately 25% to the cost. The more time that has passed since your stroke, the better the underwriting typically becomes. So even if you bought a life insurance policy after a stroke, you should reshop it each year as it may be possible to save. There is even a new company that now considers you for their preferred rates if it's been at least 10 years since your stroke. Mike Horbal
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You can get life insurance just one year after a stroke. An insurance underwriter will want to see he is compliant with taking any prescription medications and seeing his doctor for regular check-ups. Factors like diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and being overweight all contribute to strokes, so the fewer of these your husband has, the lower his premium will be.
It's important you go to a knowledgeable independent agent who will ask lots of questions, understand his stroke, treatment, and present a good case to several insurance carriers to see who comes back with the lowest price.

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