Mom makes phone calls to her banks, insurance companies, etc that causes alot of confusion and disruption. These places already have my DPOA papers so they know Mom has someone to take care of all of these things for her (I am her daughter), but since she is in mid stage Alzheimers along with other medical condtions she is forgetful and gets confused very easily. These places of business say that her calls are causing a commotion at times and I want to know if there is a phone that I can program in only the phone numbers of her girlfriends and family. She knows she isn't supposed to call these places but obviously she forgets. What to do???

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If you have a cell phone, I think they have a feature on Jitterbug, or something like it, that you program in certain numbers.
If there is a landline, there is a FotoDialer that connects into an existing phone. You would program in the numbers you want her to call (24 numbers over six pages). She would then press the button next to the photo of whomever she wants to call.
That should help her not make unwanted calls out.
Good luck!
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One way to do it is to make a list of the numbers she`s calling, and blocking them all in her phone. There are many apps that can manage calls, specially on Android phones. Besides that, try adding all the main numbers she should call to favorites as icons in the phone main screen, so she gets used to just punching those.
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Maybe try removing her phone from the house, or put it somewhere were she cant get it to it or see it?
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