I use both washable and disposable bed pads under my mom. We use the washable one for mattress protection but also to serve as a turning or pull up 'sheet' as invariably she needs to be pulled up a couple of inches for meals (she is bed bound and head of bed is elevated for eating). When I see my mom's back, it often has red marks from where the bedpads bunched up and her laying on them. Now I try very hard to keep the bedpads as taut and flat as possible but would love to hear what others do and other possible remedies. Thank you in advance for your help.

I use the 5'x7' peepods on Mom's twin bed but instead of using the size to cover the entire mattress top, I turn it to only "cover" a 5' section of the bed and use the 7' length to tuck the pad under the mattress on each side, like you would a sheet.
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There are cloth bed pads that have extra sheet length so you can tuck under mattress. Some disposable chucks/pads come with a sticky so it can stick to cloth pad or sheet.
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I sewed in velcro around the corners for my Mother In Law so it would stick to the edges of the sheets.
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