Mom (MIL) age 80 Has Alzheimer's/ dementia Cancer with Psych issues. Recently within the last 2 months has begun inappropriate behaviors with her son, my husband. He has begun to lock bathroom doors because she will just walk in on him without even knocking even though she has her OWN bathroom and seldom uses ours. Tonight he was showering to go to work and locked the bathroom door, she watched him take a towel and work clothes to the shower. She jumped, as well as she could, to chase him in to the bathroom and got very upset he had locked the door. She came into my room and demanded me to tell him to unlock that door because she wanted to go in there with him. I told her that it was inappropriate for her to want to shower with her son and if she needed to take a shower I would be happy to help her in the morning. this is twice now within a week. The last time she grabbed his butt at the kitchen sink then giggled like a school girl with a crush. Is this due to her Alzheimer's? Dementia or Psych issues? She takes meds for all 3. How do I approach this behavior to correct it ?

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Yes, her behavior is because of the Alzheimer's. It's terrible that your husband has to see his mother this way and that these are some of the memories he'll be left with once she's gone.

I think this phase will pass but until it does try not to chastise your MIL. Just encourage your husband to be extra sneaky about his showers. If his mom gets agitated because she wants in the bathroom try to distract her with something else.

And I agree with jeannegibbs that you should consult with her Dr.
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Poor MIL. Wouldn't she be mortified if she were in her right mind and realized what she was doing? Dementia is so very, very sad.

My guess is the damage to her brain from the dementia is causing this behavior. But where ever it is coming from I would discuss it with her doctors, distract her, avoid shaming her, and keep the bathroom door locked!
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Different patients, different behaviors. This sounds like one of the residents at the memory care center my Mom was at. She was all over every man --- including the priest who was conducting a religious service! There is no way to 'reason' with someone who has dementia. You might speak with the doctor about her behavior, perhaps there is a hormone patch that would help. (I've seen it work successfully with men). You might be able to distract her, occupy her in some other way when your husband needs to use the shower/bath. I think the phase usually passes, but as I said, everyone is different.
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as dementia traverses around the sides of the brain ANYTHING can happen . thats what makes caregiving so difficult . its more comparable to insanity than mental retardation .
dont try to fix her . turn the tense situations to humor as much as you can .
my mother ( gently ) dragged me thru the house by my beard one time . it was frigging hilarious . i twisted my head from side to side and done the eye rolls like an errant billy goat might . it was a pretty crazy moment but somehow we turned it into something comedic .
mom lost her mind then passed away . its heartbreaking but we dont control sickness and death . all we can do is find some lighter moments to laugh at .
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