I'm trying to find help 3 times a week and a program that will help cover the costs?


Please help. I've been trying to get help for my 83 year old mom 3 times a week and a program that will help cover the costs. She is on Medicaid. Thank you

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Thanks! She lives in Ca. I can't seem to find anything that can her.Her memory is fading fast. I live in Wyoming and it's been a struggle to find any answers I appreciate your help.
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I believe the waiver program is called PACE in Indiana. And, yes, I believe they do help you to stay in your home, but you must be able to live safely in your home at the time of enrollment (at least that's my understanding).
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I think most states have Medicaid waiver programs that will pay for a certain number of hours of in-home care, depending on their assessment of need. They also pay for adult day health programs (day care programs).

If Mom is already on Medicaid, hooray! The person you need to talk to is her case worker. This person should be coming out to do an assessment quarterly. Contact them and say Mom's needs have increased, and could you get an assessment now.

Is Mom new to Medicaid?
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Check to see if your state has any medicaid waivers. Colorado has one that encourages people to stay in their homes rather than go to a nursing home. It costs them more to pay for a nursing home than to provide caregivers for home. So we have caregivers for 11 hours per day for my mom at home.

They sent someone out to assess mom's needs and that is what she was qualified for. As her AD progresses, she will qualify for more hours.

When it gets to the point that she needs round the clock care, though, that is when she may have to go into a nursing home as I don't think they will pay for round the clock care. We'll see though...
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Loriklane, when it comes to Medicaid, the only way they would pay for caregivers is if your Mom goes into a nursing home. It is less expensive to do from Medicaid's viewpoint, as Medicaid is funded by the State taxpayers.

You can also check with your local Agency on Aging to see if there are any programs that your County may offer. https://www.agingcare.com/local/area-agency-on-aging

Hope you find something, as caregiving can be very difficult.
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