I have her on the waitlist for Section 8 housing, but of course there's a million people ahead of her. She has bad credit card debt and a low fixed income but perfect amount for her to live on. Anyways, most apartments in this town require SO MUCH crap to apply. Social security #s, credit checks, criminal checks, application fees, deposits, first months rent, several months rent. I put in an application at one place to see if it is even accepted before I look at other places and pay all their fees. No wonder poor people can't get ahead. It costs hundreds of dollars just to move in this town (Rapid City, SD). In the rural town I live in they don't care who you are. You can get an apartment anywhere for nothing. I guess not much anyone can help me with, but I need to vent.

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Check with the city emergency housing office and explain the situation to them. They may be able to get an emergency designation on the wait lists. Apply at any state or federally supported senior sub sized housing projects. Contact the Area Agency on Aging to find what apartments are available. They, too have wait lists, but if she is homeless and disabled she may get priority status. If she attends church, some have committees that deal with assisting members with these types of problems.
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No her home health company is in rapid City.
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Would she go to an outlying town like Sturgis or Box Elder? You are right, smaller towns do not have the long waiting lists. Try here: Meade County Housing and Redevelopment Commission, (next county to the west)

Good luck. (My BIL is a disabled senior and only pays $270 a month for a snug little place.)
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I’m most likely way off, but I’m wondering if you could rent the apartment and sublet it to your mom. You’d have to check with the landlord, I guess and that might be an automatic no, but it’s worth a shot. I know my mom waited a year for an apartment. Make sure you’re not too particular what she wants. My mom was and that’s why she had to wait. She turned down a view of the woods for one overlooking the parking lot. Go figure.
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