I'm 26 years old guy. I'm feeling dizzy (Feeling like I'll fall down). and sweaty after short walk or during work out. I followed up with doctors. They did EKG, major blood tests, CT scan. they put me on observation for chest. They did chest X ray. but everything are normal. But still I'm having bad time while walking. The neurologist said i'm having migraine. so i'm taking medicine for that. but still there is no difference. Please help for my concern. Thank you

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rahulp, it is normal for one's palms to sweat whenever one becomes dizzy, it's just our body reacting. Same thing happens to me.

Sometimes seasonal allergies can make one feel very lightheaded, and now with spring in the air, pollen is developing. You can try over the counter antihistamines or nose sprays to see if that will help [check with your primary doctor first].

If that doesn't help, maybe it is motion sickness while walking. I get visual motion sickness over the darnest things, like stripe wallpaper :P Over-the-counter Dramamine has a non-drowsy pill. If that works, the doctor can give you the same meds in a prescription form so that your insurance will cover some of the cost.

Another thing, when walking maybe you are tightening up your stomach... that will cause dizziness because the blood cannot flow up to the brain correctly. That can happen especially during a work-out. If you start to feel light headed, relax your stomach to see if that can help.

And tracy above so 100% right about dehydration.

Hope you find out real soon what is causing this issue.
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