I work i an Assisted Living Facility. We have one alert/alzheimer resident who is lovely, ambulates, uses bathroom, is funny...however, as soon as she sits at the Dining Room table she turns into a Jekyll and Hyde. Hates all the food presented to her (4-5 choices), curses, throws the plate. She has to eat, she is only about a Stage 3. We use colorful napkins, china plates. Any ideas?

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Thanks, we did ask her daughter. But she turns all those foods down too. Now even the "supplement shakes" are pushed away. As soon as she pushes away from the table she goes back into her sweet self. I'm thinking of bring some pretty gravy boats. You're right, I think it's the "look."
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Find out from her family what is her favorite food. Go from there first. Sometimes, with dementia or just plain getting old, our taste buds change. We can no longer smell things (hence the burning pot is not noticed but the smoke is, or they don't change/shower because they no longer can smell their stinky body odor or the urine or fecal smell on them.) Therefore, food that smells delicious - is no longer helping them to eat.

Father seems to like bright colorful food. But that's not enough. What I think as salty, he thinks is plain. Therefore their taste buds has changed. I've had to add food that is salty (potato chips to eat with their main meal, add a bit more salt to their food, etc...) and sour (sour kraut, pickled asparagus, etc..) Father hates sweet food but tomato catsup is an exception.

His teeth is giving him problems. He refuses to eat anything that is hard. Therefore, I serve most meals soupy. I add pickled asparagus and bright green spinache. On a side dish, I pour a lot of catsup on it.

Uhm...I try not to watch him eat. He will scoop the catsup and pour it over his soup. He will dip the pickled asparagus into the catsup. But he will finish his food.

Concentrate: color, meal looks good (one time father took one look at a meal and told me that it looks like pig slop and refused to eat it at all) and organized, sour and salty flavors, etc....

I hope this helps. Others may come on and add what helps with theirs.
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