My husband was diagnosed over 5 years ago with AD. He needs residential care as he can't be kept safe at home even 24/7 supervision, but what kind of facility? AL, MC, nursing home?

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Ask your husband’s doctor for a contact number for a social worker to help guide you through this process or call Council on Aging in your area. They will set up an appointment to do an assessment and then you can take it from there.

I have found both of these resources very helpful during my caregiving days. Each can provide helpful information and lead you in the correct direction.
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Depending on finances - MC or a smaller group setting would be best for him. If you need help finding a facility check with Agency for Aging in your community, they should be able to begin your search.

If finances are a problem then you will be looking at SN and getting on medicaid. Again Agency on Aging or an attorney specializing in medicaid, estate planning or elder planning.

Wishing you the best of luck in your search.
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The 1st step is a needs assessment. This will tell you what level of care he needs.

Call the local area on aging and they can direct you to the resources you need for assessment and placement.

Larger facilities can do an independent assessment. You will probably have this done if you choose a larger facility, even if you have one already.

Good luck with this difficult step. Great big warm hug.
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So young. It would need to be Memory care which is private pay. ALs are not locked down. If you have the money for MC, I would see an elder Lawyer to have you assets slit. Husband's split would go to his care and when spent down you can apply for Medicaid. You will be considered a Community Spouse, staying in the home and having a car. Your monthly income will be split depending on how much money you need to live on.
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with a diagnosis of Dementia you should be looking for Memory Care facilities.
If there are smaller Group homes that can provide SAFE place for your husband that would also be an option.
Tour several to narrow it down.
Ask questions, lots of questions.
The Medicare website has ratings of some facilities.
If he has no medical needs then you do not need a Skilled Nursing Facility (aka "Nursing Home")
The facility should be locked so he can not wander.
I would start the search with just "googling" Memory Care in whatever area you are in. You can narrow down how far away you want it to be. 5 miles, 10 miles from your current home.
If your husband is a Veteran the VA might also be a resource for help. And depending on where and when he served it might be a little help or a LOT.
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