bigdmunoz42, my own Dad needed help during those same time frames. What I did was call a nationwide care agency, Home Instead. A company Rep came out to interview my Dad and see the house.... and I interviewed the Rep.

For such an Agency above, one would need to budget for the cost. Said hourly rate varies from area to area. It worked out great for my Dad, he always had someone with him [he was a major fall risk]. The caregiver for 11pm to 7am was required to remain awake for his/her full shift. Usually the overnight caregivers do just that shift so they can sleep during the day.

If the person who needs care cannot budget for a private Agency, see if that person can apply and be accepted by State Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. Depending on your State will depend on what programs they have available. Hopefully an Aide can be assigned for a few hours to help out.
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Yes, sorry. You will need to call Care agencies in your area to hire an aide thru them. Office of Aging maybe able to give u some referrals.
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This an international forum for supporting caregivers, not a caregiver agency.
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