i have been diagnoised with normal hydrocephalus and trigiminal neuralgia. i will soom start taking radation treatments, but i had an emergency gall bladder surgery and then an air pocket formed after that. i have applied for disability but co-pays, gas, groc. and just living expenses are high. i don't know where to turn and i am getting very depressed. can anyone give my any help for funding . a friend suggested fundraising but i don't know what to do. i can't believe there is nothing out there and I just have to try to exist. any help?

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Unfortunately, our system doesn't take very good care of people in situations like you are in. I'm so sorry you are going through this. You could try dialing 2-1-1 - like you would 9-1-1-. Many states have signed on to this help line service. The people who answer should be able to help you find anything your state may offer in aid. Otherwise, (or also) you could try your state Web site. Type in different search words - aging, health, financial assistance, etc. one at a time and see what comes up.

Good luck, my friend.
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