So confusing. Talked to several agencies and they are not sure of anything and not very helpful. I have collections agencies calling me but have no money coming in for me. I am so stressed out about all this. I want the rest of their time on earth to be happy but I'm not. I'm worried and don't tell them what is going on with my bills. It's all about them. I just wish I knew what to do.

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I'm so sorry about your stress! I can also tell you that you aren't alone. Many others are struggling with this dilemma.
If your parents are on Medicaid, there may be some pay for some hours of your care, but you'll have to go through your state to find out what their rules are. I wish there were one answer for everyone, but there isn't. Each state is different.
If they aren't on Medicaid (they still have assets) you may be able to have an attorney draw up something where they can pay you for your help. That doesn't sound likely, from your note.
If they have few assets, they may qualify for Medicaid, but you'll have to go through the state. I'm so sorry I can't tell you that there is a great answer here. Even if Medicaid pays you for some hours (and they may), I don't know how much you need to "make it." I'd see an elder law attorney or some other type (try your state Web site for some "pro bono" attorney help - which means they work free for some people). I think you may need this.
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