I need information. I have put out airwicks thrust the house but it doesn't help. Doesn't know when he does it. He now has been diagnosed with lung cancer. But I handle this "dirty" stuff the best I can. I don't think I can go on with this. It makes me sick.

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You don't say whether you are using adult incontinent products or just regular clothes for now; for the sake of people who can't bear the "D" word (diaper) they can also be called "hospital pants." Sometimes it is an option to try a regular "bowel program" where you use a suppository and sit on the toilet usually times 20 minutes or so after a meal or snack with warm liquids, and get as good an emptying of the bowel as possible so there is less or none to come out at other times.

I would say don't overdo with the cover-up scents - those could make you ill too. Febreze may be a better bet if you find that approach helpful. Don't do mothballs like my mom did - those are seriously toxic in large quantity, napthalene can even cause liver injury. And if you need it to get smells out of clothing, rugs or furniture, try the products like Nautre's Miracle that are enzymatic. Poop stinks, I feel for you! It is way harder with adult poops than baby or pet poops to say the least.
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fancicoffee, ask your Hospice nurse for some respite time, I think you need a break for a month. God Bless.
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For me I have to stay onto of keeping my mom clean. I know its hard sometimes. But, we have had a few run in experiences with skin sensitivity and being in a soiled pair of undergarments. Its better for everyone all the way around. Washing clothing alone is very difficult to keep up with. Bathing and showering will help. I also know that asking for assistance will help to alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed. Good luck
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