It is so messy and he often has it everywhere in the bathroom. He forgets how to wipe, so he just pulls the Depends back up without wiping. But he doesn't want me in there. At the end of the day I have to clean him up every evening. He has gotten a nasty rash. I would love to be able to help him have a solid stool. I was wondering if some kind of fiber in the diet will help. My husband is allergic to psyllium husks which is in most fiber products. I know that Flax will bind you up. Can anyone advise about sprinkling that on his food?

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Oh dear, I hope you have been to doctor by now. My mom has similar problem (but is able to clean herself up....I have to do the toilet seat, floor, bedroom carpet). One thing has helped Immensely-- I fix her a pot of soft-cooked white rice. Park it in fridge. She takes out 1/4 c (large spoonful) and eats plain, or with cinnamon, or a dot of real butter (heated 20 sec in microwave), before all meals, or even as a snack. This alone has helped so much that she has doctor saying, just do that rice thing. She had tried other things like Metamucil, and cholestramine (tiny scoop with water). Basically at their age, there is not much sensation in the rectal area to give them enough advance notice that a bathroom visit is needed. When they do get the sensation, it is too late!
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See the MD. Never ignore a nasty rash. Oatmeal binds, and it's yummy.
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