Concerned mostly about his ability to handle finances!

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Ruthie you need to start to learn how to do that and figure out a way to take those tasks over. My mom was overpaying on insurance (would pay the docs or hospitals before her insurance paid) and I didn't realize that was happening until I got more involved. I eventually recovered $2,000 she'd overpaid. Not sure my folks would have gotten that back if I hadn't kept bugging those docs' and hospital offices. So start to transition it if you can figure out a way. Your husband may resist, but figure out how to appeal to what's most important to him.

When my parents were buying a new car, my dad wanted to save money and buy a 'too small' Corolla. I talked to him and told him he deserved a bigger car, that he'd worked hard all of his life and now he deserved to have the best. So he bought a Camry, which was perfect. So use a bit of psychology on your husband. Maybe he deserves to spend more time fishing or doing his hobby or whatever and you want to help him relax or not stress...whatever works in your own situation.
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Does your husband has a financial Power of Attorney who can take over with the bill paying and other financial matters?

I had to do that with my Dad as I had noticed over-due bills in the recycling... oops. Now in my case, Dad was more than happy to hand over all the financial work to me. It wasn't an easy task as so much had been misfiled by my late Mom, who had handling the bill paying. I finally found a system that worked.
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