Stroke affecting the frontal lobes part of the brain. Also congestive heart failure. He was seen by a neuropsychologist who evaluated him and said there was no evidence of depression. This past year he has quit driving and has become more reclusive. He doesn't want to go anywhere.

Can hardly get him to shower and shave. Says he will do it, but doesn't.

His neurologist wants to put him on Neudexta. Anyone familiar with that drug and have had success with it?

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I agree with cm. A geriatric psychiatrist could be a better resource for you. I would get an evaluation - and second opinion by a geri psych, He sounds depressed.
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If you can, I should get him to an older age psychiatrist. I'm not sure what "evidence" the neuropsychologist was looking for. If self neglect, lack of motivation, lack of initiative, and that classic CHF history apparently didn't cut it for him, what would he have found convincing?

Um. I'm not normally one to approve of looking drugs up on the internet and arguing on the basis of a layman's ten second scan through the information. But when you haven't heard of a drug and the first thing you come across is this...

" Important information
You should not use Nuedexta if you have heart failure, a serious heart condition called "AV block" (unless you have a pacemaker), or a history of Long QT syndrome or life-threatening heart rhythm disorder."

... then at the very least surely the neurologist has an awful lot of explaining to do?

Are you working with a PCP you trust, a geriatrician, a cardiologist? I feel the ideal is to have one clinician gathering all the information together and entrusted with the final say. But I don't think I'd pick that neurologist.
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