I have several problems with my husband, who has Lewy Body Dementia. Sometimes he doesn't know where he is, sometimes he can't get dressed by himself, he obsesses over whether his shoes match, he messes his pull up depends, and on and on. I have tried to keep my children informed of the most important things. Well, my son is visiting from Nevada, and has been here three days. Hubby has not shown any of those unusual behaviors while family has been around. My son is only here for 5 days, so I'm afraid he will have to go back, not see anything out of the ordinary, then wonder about me!!! I know I'm not the only one this happens to.

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A hallmark of LBD is fluctuating cognition. Sometimes the fluctuation is hourly. Sometimes daily. Sometimes weekly. And LBD patients are notorious for "showtime" episodes, where they do really well when others are around. They often crash and burn afterward. As a wife of a LBD patient, I'm sending prayers your way.
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Alexander, my mom fooled everyone for years. I was the only one who saw how bad she really was getting. Every time one of her friends came to visit her, I would tell them what to watch for and they all said "she's not that bad" and my friends did the same. Finally, my friends started to see it as the disease started progressing, and they are in my corner now. The one friend of my mom's that still visits on occasion is starting to believe me now, but it's been a long road to travel. I hope that your son will be able to read between the lines and believe you.
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Alexander, my mother used to seem fine when my brothers would come around. They would only stay for an hour or two, so it wasn't too hard for her to do until recently. She also leaned heavily on me to pull her through. Now that she is getting worse, she can't keep things together so well. However, my brothers still haven't seen the full scope of her behavior. She is still able to showtime for an hour or two, just not as well now.
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Alexander, I am pushing your post back to the front page to see if anyone can help you with your question.
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