She has lived 2000 miles away from her children, and has now decided that having family close by IS all there is. She has been in Nursing home for PT for the last 3 months. My siblings and I have been to visit, and she rebounds when are there. After we left she started the downward spiral and ended up in the Hospital with pneumonia. She only has 21 days of Medicaid for Nursing home left, and we closed out her apartment 2 months ago, so she has nowhere else to go. My sister commutes to where my mom is for work, but is retiring soon. We are afraid that mom will backslide when she goes home for her break from work.We need to move Mom as soon as she is released from the Hospital or as soon after as possible. Flying her seems out of the question in her frail state. Driving her is as equally unthinkable in her state. I have thought of renting an RV, but this time of year they are hard to come by. Any thoughts anyone?

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Have you discussed the physical aspects of the move with her health care team? Could this be brought up at her next care conference, with the question submitted ahead of time? Get input from the professionals who have been seeing her often for the last 3 months.
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