Weel and thanks for the previous suggestions. But now that my mom has put me in a corner that, with her breaking the condo assctn. rules giving all these stray cats food not just her 3 cats inside, and even the social worker that was at her place (I own the condo), she even told him she vowed to never feed these cats(she has dementia), that again she's doing this and I no longer want to be arguing with her. I woke up this morning a little earlier, saw a couple of cats outside our place and in trying to chase them away I went outside there it was...the evidence...entire container for catalos out on the ground for these stray cats. I told her that that was the last straw. That I'll start seeing where I can place her before the condo assent. again fines me and she ultimately her 3 cats start destroying my investment. She even told the social worker that if I move her to another place she would run away. So in seeing that she went away this morning when I saw what she was doing, she went away and did call the police to explain them what happened and made a report. Any suggestions would be appreciate it since I'm her only sibling here in helping with this situation.

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Having been a previous condo owner, the assn's declaration and rules and regs should define what is and isn't permissible. Repeated violations of the rules could result in ever increasing fines and eventually the assn placing a lien on your property which would could make it harder to sell and which would have to been paid back to the assn when it does sell. I don't think you want that.Talk to your SW about your options and maybe your state Dept on Aging can help.
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VC; I'm sorry that you are struggling with this.

Where does the Social Worker come from? Is she associated with an agency? What role does she play in your mom's care plan?

I seem to recall that your mom has a diagnosis of dementia, that you are her POA and that you tranferred her property into your name because she was being scammed/threatened by others in her community.

Have you spoken to the SW about how Assisted Living or Memory Care is going to be paid for? Will mom be eligible for Medicaid?

Will the sale of the properties that used to be owned by mom be enough to pay for several years of care in a facility?
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I tried to research back a little but honestly could not piece together the past of all this.
Your Mom is 80 and she lives alone in a condo owned by you? Is that correct? And do you live in the same area?
Does your Mom have a diagnosis of dementia? Are you her POA?
I don't know that Mom doesn't sound as though she needs memory care, locked unit. That would be quite costly. Does she have assets for this?
Wishing you good luck. You cannot afford to have her stay in your condo where she is breaking the rules. Cat colonies are a massive problem and this will soon be noted and dealt with.
So sorry you are facing this.
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