We recently have taken over the care my MIL after realizing the memory care facility was not giving the care we either expected or received. She is 99. Mom entered there 6 weeks ago walking with a walker and after many falls and a fractured hip, and ending in a wheel chair we decided to try to take care of her at home. Surgery is not recommended. Hospice has been a god send for us. 3 days a week we have a CNA for bathing and general visits.
Our problem is she has Sundowners and sleep is nearly impossible. We are working with Hospice
for solutions and medicine to help her and me sleep.
I put her to bed with all clean fresh sheets and comforter a clean fresh diaper etc...within 30 minutes she removes the diaper. She moves all the sheet protector pads and her diaper. Hence a wet Or pooed bed, clothes and her “agitated Sybil personality” comes out.
I can deal with the dementia but the diaper part is wearing on me. Feces and urine soaked everything. All day she can go without having to potty. As soon as nighttime comes she always has to go and we have to get out of bed and into a wheelchair to go to the bathroom. I just want to be able to keep her diaper on! Anyone have any suggestions?

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That is a link to a one piece Alzheimer's jumpsuit on Amazon; dress her in it for bed and then she cannot remove her incontinence brief.

Also, Medline makes wonderful disposable chucks that are huge and can soak up a lot of urine, in case she soaks thru the jumpsuit:

Best of luck!
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Put her in s jumpsuit onepeice backwards a tie belt backswards where she can't reach or take apart
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Thank you for that idea about the bedside camode and poo Pourri, we do already have that. Lol
they are pull up diapers. I am sleeping in the room with her on a chair and no matter what they will come off either very early or sometime in the night. There is zero sleep happening right now until we find the right pills to help.
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There is clothing available that fastens in the back so she can't get it off, check the Alzheimer's adaptive clothing at Buck & Buck, Silverts of Amazon. A simple baby monitor or a bed alarm might also be helpful in alerting you to when she is on the move. And since your sleep is being interrupted don't hesitate to speak with the doctor about trying to find a way to help her sleep at night, there may be meds that can help her sundowning.
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Aprilealp Aug 21, 2020
We are getting an alarm today. She is so sneaky. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I guess my first question to you would be, are you using the pull-up diapers(Depends), or the side tab kind? I'm guessing the pull-up kind would be harder for her to get off. Also if she is taking her diaper off within 30 minutes of you putting her to bed, where are you that you can't stop her? If you're not hearing her stirring around in her bed while she's removing things, maybe try attaching some kind of a little jingle bell or something like that so that it will alert you when she's moving.
Also perhaps try putting a bedside commode right next to her bed, so you won't have to get her in her wheelchair, and take her to the bathroom. All you have to do is get her out of bed and put her on the bedside commode. Make sure you put about 6 inches of water in it first, that way when she pees or poops, all you have to do is take the basin to the toilet and flush it down. (of course wiping it down after as well, but it makes life a whole lot easier). When my husband when using the bedside commode, I also put some Poo-pourri in the water, since he was in my living room in a hospital bed, and I didn't want my living room to smell like poop.
There are also many medications that help with an overactive bladder that you could discuss with her Dr as well. Good Luck.
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