My MIL went from sleeping a lot to.......................never wanting to sleep.

Nothing seems to be working anymore. She is never tired or interested in going to bed.
She also has nightmares and in the morning thinks that I've abducted her and am keeping her prisoner in her bedroom (my spare bedroom).
When I get her into bed, she tosses and turns constantly and I can't sleep because I'm worried that she's not settled and am not assured that she won't get up and wander.
Tylenol PM does not work for us.
When I read about this on most websites.......they frown upon sleep meds. But what else can we do?

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my mother has dementia, she screams and pulls thing down she can reach from her hospital bed, she calls for people who have long passed away she is 97, and on Risperidone, what can I do, I work and haven't slept in 4 days
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Does your MIL sleep a lot during the day? If so, that may be why she has difficulty sleeping at night. Is she drinking caffeine during the day?

How advanced is her Alzheimer's? Does she have auditory hallucinations? Hearing things could be keeping her awake as well.

Sleeping pills can render her confused and/or unsteady if she has to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I would try other options first before going to medications.

Does your MIL have a nighttime routine? If so, make sure she continues that routine. If not, create one.

I don't put much stock in "Sleepytime" tea but it wouldn't hurt to try it. Drinking her tea at night before she goes to bed could maybe slow her down a bit and get her body and mind ready for bed.

Is she in pain? If so, address that.
Is she afraid? If so, address that.

You said she used to sleep a lot. Can you think of anything that might have happened to break that habit? It could be the smallest thing. A med change?

It could also be a phase that could end as quickly as it began. I'm sure you'll have a bunch of great suggestions. Good luck!
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