For those of you who may have moved their loved one with Lewy Body Dementia to a nursing home or other care facility --

1) Have you seen a change in their behavior, good or bad?

2) My Dad wanders and yells for my Mom, or sometimes stands in the hallway yelling while trying to "hold up the walls that are falling". Has this type of behavior decreased or increased in your loved one after their move?

3)Does your loved one have a room mate and has that helped or hindered him/her?

We're seriously looking at moving my Dad, much as we hate to, and I wonder what other folks have seen regarding symptoms and acting out following a move. Thanks for any responses!

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We just moved my mother from a nursing home into a memory center.. She has frontal lobe dementia. She was acting horrible in the nursing home and they didn't have time for it..The memory center on the other hand is probably your best bet. Those people are trained and usually deal with it very well. There is a gentleman in my moms center that naps in the halls, they let him. They distract them and have a world of patience. My mom will never change but I feel like she is alot safer in the memory center. Hope that helps good luck. They never do good with change once they are really progressed but you have to weigh the pros and cons and we didn't like the thought of moving my mother because of how bad change is, but felt her safety came first.
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