How do you really see about placing someone in a home?


I heard if they go from hospital Medicare will pay for 30 days is this true. If so what do you do take to hospital for no reason except for fake that caregiver is stressed and cant do it anymore or any advice you all can give me . also how do you apply for medical asst if she has medicare and Kaiser can I still apply for medical ast, She is skilled nursing cAre.Doesanyone know since Im only child and house Mom owns I have lived in an apt in their home parents had built for me also payed rent can they still take her home.?

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The home is exempt and the person can have up to $2,000 in assets to qualify for Medicaid. They do however require all income i.e., SocialSecurity, pension, and your rent to be paid to them and they in turn will pay the nursing home. Her doctor has to give an OK for hospice - and they do not offer much in terms of respite. You can keep her at home however. Doctor, nurses come to you; all of her meds as well as wheelchair, walker, shower assists, etc are paid for. They won't take the home however, all bills like property tax, insurance, elec & water, etc will fall on your shoulders. I'm going thru the same or similar situation as you - I live with my mom, in a converted garage on her property. My attorney wanted to put everything into an irrevocable trust to qualify my mom for Medicaid. That way, they pay for the nursing home plus take all of her income. I get the house but have to then pay for everything whereas now, her income is what we are living off of. I have no job (because I have to be here for mom 24/7) and at my age, getting one would be hard. Many tough decisions but the most cost effective I've found is to have a caregiver (your stress is high sounds like and as you're finding out, you can't do it all - get some help) and keep her at home. Good luck to you. Hope you figure it all out.
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From hospital, if mom has a skilled nursing need or needs rehab, Medicare will pay for up to 100 days provided her doctor signs off on it. I don't know that they EVER keep someone that long, but that's the limit. After 100 days, you're either on private pay or on Medicaid.

Medicaid has some strict rules (I guess, according to Pam, it's called Medi-Cal (California) about spending down her own money before they will begin picking up the bill.

I think there are some special rules for homes when a family member has been living in it for a specified period of time that may save it, at least temporarily.

I'd suggest you pay $300 to consult for an hour with an elder law attorney to find out where you stand, tell him about your mom's financial situation, and get some professional advice on how to proceed.

Please!!!!! If she has some money!!!!! Start spending it for in-home care giving immediately to give yourself respite. That's what she saved it for.
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Generally, they won't take income producing property, but they do expect the rents to go to her support.
Have you looked into Hospice care? If she is bedridden, with cancer and dementia, ask if she is eligible for Hospice.
Her doctor is the one who makes the nursing home recommendation, then you get Medi-Cal (if you are in California) to approve her and you find a good facility to take her.
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