see at least five when googling yet not so sure from google. Mnl was diagnosed with mild AZ around Sept. 2011. However, she was having symptoms about six months prior. She refuses to take Aricept and dr, stated that, "he can;t make her take it." So, we at least get her to take her bloodpressure, cholesterol med, baby aspirin, vitamin and calicum pill.
Are there many years apart between these stages of AZ before they go into the next stage? Is their anything nutritionist that I can feed her that will prevent it from worsen and what about brain activity games?

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The Alzheimer's Association gives 7 general stages, however every person is different. The general stages listed by the Association are below.
Stage 1: No impairment
Stage 2: Very mild decline
Stage 3: Mild decline
Stage 4: Moderate decline
Stage 5: Moderately severe decline
Stage 6: Severe decline
Stage 7: Very severe decline
Some people show signs of AD and live another 20 years with the disease. Others decline quite quickly and may live another eight or ten years. Some studies show that a diet high in antioxidants may help prevent AD, or can help slow the disease. Brain games, aerobic exercise and antioxidant rich foods will not likely cure your mom. They may help slow the disease in some people. They aren't likely to hurt. Keep in touch with the doctor about changes you make.
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Thanks so much and I talk to her doctor and ask question all the time. I talk to him about her weight loss one time at 72lbs and she 5'2 and he said she has always been petite. I;m like she going to blow away! It suprise me the doctor mention that and I know she weighed more than that in her life. The doctor is one at the clinic. I had ask should she see a nutrionist so he did make us appointment at the clinic of course and we sat their for about 30mint and she cannot handle sitting for a long time when she is out. well, finally, they said the nutritionist lady was a bit late and that it be an hour that if we wanted to wait or change appointment dates. I just said we make arrangement later. Of course I didn't do it for the doctor has no idea and he didn't even ask about how the nutrition visit go or anything. Since, our last couple of visits my mnl has gained 4lbs and I think its due to eating for she would forget if she ate lunch sometimes after a few hours with me. So I think she probable was not eating that good at her house even though I would buy grocery for her at her old house. I just wander would she do better if she was seeing a Geritric doctor probable spelled that wrong and if they accept medicare.
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