How long is the adjustment period when a dementia parent is placed in a nursing home? It is so sad when we visit dad, he wants his home.

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It’s been said before in the site that many times, the person with dementia doesn’t really know where “home” is. We used to ask my FIL where he thought home was and he couldn’t answer. In my mother’s case, her idea of home meant her childhood home with her parents. It’s just one of the cruel symptoms of the disease.

Go along with what he says. We always recommend the “therapeutic fib” meaning tell Dad “maybe later when the doctor says it’s ok for you to go home” Don’t argue with him or tell him he’s in the facility to stay. Be kind and gentle. God will forgive you for telling Dad a fib.
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It is very sad.

I am sorry to tell you this but it is possible that your father will never fully grasp why he needs the care of a nursing home, or remember that this is now his home. It is one of the cruelties of dementia that people can become lost in time, trying to find people and places from a long way back in their past.

But how long is it since he was placed here? Are you happy with the care he is getting otherwise?
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