How long does Grandma have left?


My hospice nurse just keeps saying less than 6 months. I haven't gotten my Grandma to eat in a week now. She drinks roughly 6oz of water a day (that's only because the 100* heat makes her mouth dry), she just sleeps all day. She hardly goes to the bathroom, and when she does she doesn't even know it. Barely talking, and when she does only half the stuff she says makes since. She's so weak, that she can't even lift her head to take a drink of water. I know it's soon, and my nurse doesn't want to give a closer estimate because she doesn't want to tell me less time than she has, and all that kind of stuff. I just want to be prepared. Not just for her actual passing, but also all the discord that's going to come after. Funeral, family in town, cleaning out house, I'll be moving to a different state, and all that fun stuff. We have a reverse mortgage so we will only have around 90 with the house. I will only have the rest of that month, because we lose her S.S check. Without it we can't pay the bills.

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Generally, once a person stops eating, the end is near...just depends on her will.
I saw a 95-year old last a month (!)

Be present and talk to your grandma. The things you thought were funny, or what you appreciated or grateful for. This will comfort her, even if she can't talk back.

The rest will work out. You know it's coming, and you will do what you need to....

All the best to you, and your family...
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Dear KayKay13,

I know this is an extremely difficult time. I think its really hard to say and I know that is tough. They had told me my dad had 6 months to one year and he passed in two days. I really think it depends on your grandmother's will as well. Sometimes people are hanging on for a person to visit or just because their constitution is strong. I hope there is another hospice nurse or doctor that can give you a little more information. Maybe tell them, you would find it more comforting to know even a general idea. But when she is ready, she will be ready. I was never going to be ready to lose my dad, but he decided he had enough.

Thinking of you. Sending all my thoughts and prayers.
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You have good reasons to want to know. But that doesn't make it possible.
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