I'm eagerly awaiting a meeting with someone in Elder Law to find out about qualifying for Medi-Cal. (Note: Medicaid in California is called Medi-Cal.) I understand about spending down and/or setting up trusts in order to get my parents qualified for the care they need.

But just curious to hear from everyone out there.

How long did it take you to get trusts set up if you went that route?
How long did it take to hear about qualification?
If your parent needed Assisted Living or a SNF, how long did it take before you were able to move them in and get Medicaid/Medi-Cal coverage?

Just curious about experience out there and to start a discussion. Thanks all!

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The Medi-cal regulation requires they process the application in 30-45 days. Actual time depends on when applicate gets information to them. If you are private pay and want to move into assisted living it depends on availability and any requirements of the residence how long it will take. If your parents have limited income and assets there is an assisted living waiver in California for that type of residence but not all counties participate in that waiver. You had many questions and it would probably benefit you to have a discussion with a geriatric can call Seniors First if you are in Placer county ask for their information and assistance you and they can provide you with some direction. If you are not from placer they can give you the information and assistance # for your county. Or call or Google Area on Aging for assistance and information.
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