She has about 10 months worth of funds then we will have to move her to another facility.

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I'm guessing your mom has about 70k. If so, she could possibly do a big spend down to be eligible financially for NH Medicaid much much sooner than 10 mos.

When you visit places, I'd suggest if there's 2 that seem to be a good fit for mom both for her needs & personality that take medicaid, you go ahead and move her with her being private pay for the first few mos. Then you use that period of time to get a legit spend down going and gather up the documents needed for her medicaid application. Then the month her assets hit 2k, she becomes "Medicaid pending" & you do her application. All the facilities I toured had a list of the paperwork needed from the applicant to accompany their Medicaid application & the NH submitted all alongside their bill to the State. It will be oodles less stress to be prepared and at the ready!

If your mom does not have a paid preneed funeral & burial done, I'd suggest that this is the first spend down done. This alone could be 8k - 10k. You just want to ensure that it is within the $ amount allowed by Medicaid. A FH will know as they do "Medicaid Compliant" preneeds often.

Also try to find your mom's "awards" letters. They are the statements that come in Nov or Dec that state the amount of $ mom will be paid for the incoming year. For SS and most federal or state retirements, it's a trifold letter (so letter is its own envelope). Copy these and take with you when you do the NH lookie-lou. The amount on the letters will be moms required copay each mo to the NH for Medicaid both while she is "Medicaid Pending" and then once approved for Medicaid. The NH will ask & having them at the ready kinda shows you understand the required copay.

If you need suggestions for spend-downs, pls post that. Quite a few on this site have done bigger spend-downs.

Good luck and keep your sense of humor going.
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You need to start checking out facilities NOW. Many Medicaid facilities have limited beds, so if you find one you like you may have to wait on a list. You don't want to move dementia patients too much - it's too difficult on them. Visit facilities at different times of day, not just on regular tours. See what residents look like - what the place smells like. Tours are designed to sell you and will frequently happen at "on times with more staff etc.". If there is a social worker at your mom's facility, see if they can help you. You can get reviews of facilities on-line at for rehab - some also list long-term facilities. Wishing you the best.
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