My mother has $850 SS income and in Texas qualifies for Qualified Medicare Benefits to pay monthly premium for Medicare, and also other deductibles for medical care. If she moves to Personal Care home and VA Aide and Assistance pays for her care at the Personal Care Home, as she is homebound and requires constant care, how does this effect her Qualified Medicare Benefits from State of Texas Medicaid Program?

As far as I know Medicare has nothing to do with A&A. Does Mom have A&A now? If not, it takes a while for approval and thats when you have all the info needed. Medicaid effects A&A to the point, if ur in a nursing facility on Medicaid you can't have A&A. When I applied for Mom, the most she could get was $1700. Will ur Moms SS and the 1700 pay for her home? Hopefully someone can chime in with more info.
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