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Medicaid and Medicare are two different insurances. Medicaid is for people of very low income who don’t have assets or a way to pay for medical costs. MediCARE is insurance for people aged 65 or older. It’s divided into many parts, represented by letters of the alphabet and each letter section covers different medical costs. (Example: part D covers drugs) you can opt in or out of these sections, but as with Part B, which helps cover doctor’s costs, there is a penalty if you opt in late.

To answer your question, no, Medicaid is not a part or subsidy of Medicare.
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Medicaid and Medicare are two separate programs by the federal government. Medicare is generally available at 65. You pay a monthly premium through your social security check. There are two forms of Medicaid - community and nursing home. Medicaid is a program that was established for indigent citizens. One has to apply for Medicaid and provide the required financial documentation to verify need for services.

No Medicare does not cover Medicaid.
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