Hi All, for a person with Medicare Part A - how does a hospital determine how many skilled days are available? I don't want to be charged because the days have been exhausted and someone missed something (like a previous SNF stay)

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You can ask the hospital or the SNF, and if necessary call Medicare, I am sure that they can tell you how to find out how many of the the 1st 20 annually that are available.

Anything after 20 is partially paid and the supplemental would pick up some if not all of the balance.

From my understanding if Medicare approves the service then the supplemental pays against everything that Medicare pays against. (Make sense?)

Usually the billing department is the best source of information for what coverage is available.
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Medicare pays the first 20 days 100%, 21 to 100 days 50%. After that private pay.

How long they stay depends on their progress. Medicare helps to determine that.
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The hospital social worker should explain to you that you (or whoever you are writing about) is reaching the end of their covered days. Stay in touch with the social services department there and also the financial office. The hospital does not determine covered days. Insurance does.
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