The remaining siblings live far away which leaves the one sibling the responsibility to "handle" the affairs. The sibling caregiver has refused to say how many hours and what he is doing to assist the aunt. We have access to view the savings/checking account and can see that he is taking out from $5000-7000 per month from her account for his "fee". Is that a reasonable amount when the facility where she is living provides many services? He does buy her necessities (toothpaste, depends, etc) and oversees her bills (which are minimal) as well as is her advocate with any medical issues. He is accusing us siblings of wanting to protect our inheritance but in fact we are concerned that there will not be enough for the care of the elderly aunt who could possibly live another 10+ years. She is 85 and her mother lived to be 96. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to approach the caregiver with our concerns without further alienating our sibling relationships. Thanks!

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Wow, that is a shameless ripoff.

Caregiving in general is a low paying occupation. I have read about court cases where caregivers sued an estate and a "home health care specialist" valued their time spent at about $7 per hour. Today maybe that would be closer to $9.

We are not talking about activities that require specialized training, education, experience or licensing. You simply cannot justify a higher rate of compensation for such simple activities.

Centenarians are said to be the fastest growing segment of the population - my grandmother is 103.5. You have to at least consider the possibility that your aunt could go the distance.

Finally , if the aunt is in an AL facilty, how can he even be considered a "caregiver"? And a $5000 - $7000 one at that?

More like $500 per month, with a requirement to at least fake some kind of activity timesheet for the family to review.
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