I have just been contacted by my stepmother for help. She has a reverse mortgage and only my deceased father's social security. She lives in Florida and I live in Indiana. I am not sure where to begin! I have the phone number for Patriot Angels but my step mother doesn't know where my Dad's Army papers!

Have you talked to her DIL that visits daily? She should have a good idea about what step mom needs and what kind of options are available in their area.

Do you know what kind of care she needs? Is she safe to live alone?

Does anyone have POA for her?
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What kind of help is she needing specifically? Is she no longer able to carry out her ADLs (Activities for Daily Living)? Or does she want financial help? Have her call Patriot Angels since she's the only one who can provide the info they would need to help find your father's records/files. More information is needed so that others can give you guidance.
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