How do I get my Mom (83) with Alzheimer's stage 5/6 to move to my house?


I am new to this site and am sure this question has been asked before. My sister lives with her, but mom needs more care than my sister is able or willing to give. My mother just does not want to leave he home. How can I make her or convince her to leave?

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Charon, what can you do better than what your sister has been doing? Just curious.

When someone gets into a later stage of Alzheimer's/Dementia it does become a full time job, an 168 hour week in fact, as others have mentioned above.

Are you ready to get only 2 or 3 hours of sleep at night, if that? I remember my boss's wife had late stage Alzheimer's and he would come into work exhausted because of the issues he had to face with his wife caring for her at night. He had a 12 hour caregiver during the day so he could continue to run his business.
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Hi Charon My Mom will be 87 years in April and had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2013, but is pretty good so therefore I can not say what stage Mother is at. I find when I say MOTHER YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES, ( CHOICE NUMBER ONE ) OR ( CHOICE NUMBER TWO )
This always works. Forcing is not an option. The time You spend with Your Mom now will be Your Blessing in the end. Yes Eyerishlass is correct, You will be doing the work shift of three Nurse's, but I hope Your Sister will accompany You Mom and live at Your home too to share the care time of Your Mom which will ease the
burden of just One Caregiver.
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Convincing her is going to be a process. She's not liable to agree with just one discussion and the Alzheimer's is going to work against you since it affects your mom's ability to reason.

You can start out by bluntly telling her that she can't live alone and that your sister is no longer able to care for her so that leaves her 2 options: a nursing home or your house and let her choose.

Be very sure of what you're getting yourself into. You will be doing the work of 3 shifts of nurses once your mom moves in. I know you know that caring for your mom who has late stage Alzheimer's will take over your life. It will actually become your life.
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