I’m caring for my 84 yr old dad. He displays frequent delusions, one of which is being certain I am my (deceased) mother. He has not been ‘officially’ diagnosed as yet, but I am certain he has dementia.

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its a long road and huge responsibility taking over a parents life.  good luck to you.
and read up on dementia to learn all you can....
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You need him evaluated. There is medication for hallucinations.
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It's only "too frequent" for home care when the caregiver can't handle it or when the delusions make them a danger to themselves or others.
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hi im sure you will get lots of responses.
you really need a good plan of action. have you POA for dad? it would be wise to research that. if dad has income and savings it is possible to set up a caregiver arrangement so you can be compensated for your time and effort. your dad may benefit from seeing a geriatric dr. - they may be able to give a prescription to help with the confusion. im sure im not thinking of everything. and someone will come along with better advice.  

it may take awhile before you figure out what works best for both of you.
edit: it may be a good idea also for an attorney who does elder law.
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Longhaul Aug 2018
Thanks wally003, I really appreciate you taking the time and concern for replying. As you may well be able to tell, I am ‘flying blind’ so to speak. The thing I appreciate the most is your comment ‘it may take awhile before you figure out what’s best for both of you’ I really needed to hear that. Thanks.
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