When my father is in bed, he takes his clothes off then he whips the pads that I have placed so he doesn't urinate on the mattress. How can I keep the pads on and get him to keep his clothes on?

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Don't fight it, buy a vinyl complete mattress cover (they usually zip on) and a pile of non iron easy wash sheets.
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I agree with anti-strip clothing (also known as "adaptive" clothing). Can also be found at:
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with the limited information I have it sounds as tho you are hoping pads on the mattress instead of adult diapers will keep the mattress dry. ? If I’m misunderstanding your situation I’m sorry. We used adult diapers (heavy duty ones) plus pads plus laytex mattress covers. Ultimately it worked. There are also medications that help with incontinance.
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Keeping those under him, will be hard. Even the clothes. Especially if this is some kind of dementia issue - and you can't really modify that behavior. Have you asked him why - or does he give you any communication to explain it?

You can get plastic mattress covers to protect the mattress. They go on first, then sheet over that. Should prevent him from removing it and probably won't know it's there. Of course it won't protect the sheet, so sheet will be wet and require washing.
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OldArkie Dec 24, 2021
Exactly what I did for my wife. She hates to shower so I take the sheet off and bathe her in bed on the plastic mattress cover. I cath her bladder because of inability to empty, and I do it late at night so she doesn't have to get up to visit bathroom till morning. I simply hang the plastic cover outside till it dries and reinstall it on the bed! She wears sweatpants and pullover top so when I change her diaper when I cath, it is easy to get her sweats off to change diaper!
Your father 'isn't bad' - or good. He is 'being your dad' as he is. That is how to think about him without judgment or blame, esp when he cannot help what he is doing due to brain chemistry changes. I do not understand your comment about whips the pads . . .

* When a person has dementia, you can't 'get him to ... ' anything, necessarily and most likely not; you need to find alternatives to managing his behavior (i.e., writing us here !)
* Sometimes you cannot do what is needed; in this situation, in terms of him undressing and/or leaving his pads on.
- You might check on him more often, if possible.
- You might want to consider placing him in a care residency where they will check in on him regularly (memory care, while expensive, I believe most check on residents every couple of hours - you need to ask).
* When my client did this recently, her medication had to be adjusted and her rocking chair was ruined and had to be tossed out, for a plastic-type chair.
* WHAT I SUGGEST YOU DO NOW is order a plastic waterproof bed / mattress cover And, if necessary cover it with a regular fitted sheet so he won't know it is there. I put one of those on my massage table . . . just in case.

* You might want to be 'ringers' on the mattress to alert you when he takes the pads off, but this will likely just keep you up all night and do little to no good.

* Some mattresses may be treated nowadays although I wouldn't depend on that - you do not want urine going on the mattress so get a plastic fitted mattress cover.

Gena / Touch Matters
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Before bed, dress your father in anti strip clothing you can find here:

Put him in an overnight Depends with a booster pad for extra absorbency:

Get Medline Xtrasorb pads which hold a lot of liquid and place them under the fitted sheet as well as above it:

The mattress itself should be covered with a waterproof cover/protector:
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Double protect the mattress, make sure there is a full mattress cover as well as the pad - it doesn't need to be noticeably plastic to be an effective waterproof cover. Larger pads are less noticeable than smaller ones, and try putting it below the sheet.
As for his clothes - you could try the anti strip clothing available from shops like silverts or buck and buck, basically a onesie that fastens in back.
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Try covering the pad with another fitted sheet. This worked for us in hospital 9 out of 10 times. What is "noticed" will be removed. As to keeping on the clothes? No way. Perhaps it is too warm?? Other than that I have no clue.
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There is nothing you can do to change his behavior. He doesn't belong in your house.
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