My 92 year old mother has Dementia. She keeps saying that she wants to go visit her mother who is in another country. Her mother has died more than 15 years ago.

Should I keep reminding her that her mother had passed or should I continue to say that her mother is ok and that she cannot travel right now?

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With dementia I think it's best to spare the person the pain and/or grief over losing their loved one especially if they've already grieved. In telling your mom that her mom is dead your mom may react as if it's the first time she's learning this. She may feel shock and grief, confusion and depression. She might want to know everything that happened thus going through it all over again.

Telling your mom that her mom is unable to travel right now is the kindest thing you can tell her about her mom and it spares your mom from the grief and pain she would feel as if she were learning about her mom's death for the first time.
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