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Please don't be distressed. Death will be a release for all of you. So long as she isn't in pain, you must go with it as she gets closer to the end.
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Found this:

The late stage - what to expect
In the late stage of the disease (also referred to as “severe” or “advanced Alzheimer’s 
disease”), individuals experience increased mental and physical deterioration and need 24 
hour care. Individuals in the late stage:
• Experience severe impairment in memory, ability to process information and orientation 
to time and place.
• Lose their capacity for recognizable speech, although words or phrases may occasionally 
be uttered; nonverbal communication will become increasingly important.
• Need help with eating and using the toilet and are often incontinent of urine and stool.
• Lose the ability to walk without assistance, then the ability to sit without support, the 
ability to smile, and the ability to hold their head up. The brain appears to no longer be 
able to tell the body what to do.
• May have impaired swallowing.
• May lose weight.

So yes, seems like its normal.
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