If you are a caregiver that gives meds, do you fill out a medication log that is reviewed by the hospice nurse?

Hospice nurses, do you know if documentation is required?

I called 2 home hospice agencies in my area. One asks that a diary be kept but wasn't specific about doses, names, etc.

The other requires their own log to be filled out, it is reviewed by a nurse, and upon death leftover meds are destroyed and witnessed.

I'm wondering if there are specific requirements they're supposed to follow, or if you are a caregiver what are you required to do for your hospice provider?


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Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for.

In my situation good documentation wasn't required and I think It greatly affected the outcome.

Who would I complain/report my dissatisfaction to? The hospice administration? Medicare?
I'd like to see this hospice organization tighten up their requirements, especially because not all caregivers are medically trained and medication errors can happen easily.
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I'm a nurse who works hospice cases and we have to document everything and it becomes a legal document once we begin.

When our Dr.'s prescribe meds to a patient we require the family to keep a log of when the med is given, which med is given, and how much is given then initialed by the person giving the med.

When the hospice nurse comes out to the house we document everything that is being done (meds, Foley catheters, O2, etc.)

In any setting documentation is always required. If a patient is having a problem we document the problem and what actions we took to alleviate the problem. If we have to call the Dr. we document that as well. If there's a caregiver in the home she has to document everything too. For example, if she repositions her patient every 2 hours that has to be documented. If the patient is having trouble breathing and the caregiver raises the head of the bed 30* she has to document that.

All problems and interventions are to be documented and whether the intervention was successful has to be documented.

(And we're only allowed to write in black ink)
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