My Mom is having trouble sleeping at night again. Dr. has ordered different meds. Trazodone 75mg, and Remeron 45mg has been working well for quite a while, but is waking at 1am now. I give Ultram 50mg and will go back to sleep for 2-3 hours, then awake again.
I only wonder what has worked for others with sleeping.
We have tried Seroquel and Risperdal, both antipsychotics and seem to call psychosis with hallucinations. Also cough syrup that has codiene in it that is not helping now.
Have tried sleeping pill Restoril that knocked her out for 2 days.
I realize you are not Drs and can't prescribe, only wondering what works well for others to ask Dr about.
I would much appreciate any suggestions, getting very tired.
Have increased Trazodone to 100mg, not working, is still waking after about 4 hours.
Thanks so much to all

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Thanks to all, I just called her geriatric psychiatrist and he did make a change in medication so hope it works!
We live in a very small rural community, so very hard to find many to help us, have to travel many miles even to psychiatrist.
My mom is in middle to late stage I believe, very difficult to get her to eat, but always small petite and never a big eater anyway. Drinks ensure, cream soups and puddings with much encouragement , did I make it right, put enough ingredients in like she did, etc. Much difficulty to take medication, spits out if I crush and can swallow, but does not want to take it.
I previously worked at this type of facility, but things are different it seems as when i worked, or your own mother maybe.
I live with my folks now and help them both, my dad has more physical disabilities, my sister lives here with me also and helps.
It is still always helpful as how others deal with different problems of dementia, "It takes a Village" as they say, thanks to everyone.
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Who is the doctor ordering these meds? I think you will get best results by consulting the doctor (neurologist?) who is following her dementia. Persons with dementia often have different responses to drugs than those with normal brain function.

OR consult a doctor specializing in sleep problems. This was a totally new discipline a few decades ago, but there are now sleep clinics all over the place. They are equipped to do testing. Then run their suggested solution by her dementia doc.

Ya know, if your mom did not need caregiving, this would not be a big issue. She'd sleep four hours, get up and putz around or read or watch a movie or clean her closet, eat breakfast, and then take a nap or two during the day. No problem for anyone. It is because she needs supervision when she is awake that this is a problem. If you can't come up with a medical solution, would you be able to provide supervision during that awake time? Say PCA from midnight to 8 or whenever you get up?

Sleep is absolutely critical for the caregiver. Keep in mind that that is the problem you are trying to solve.
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helpingmom1, I am moving your post closing to the front page. Hopefully a caregiver who is experienced with this problem can help you.
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