My mom is living with me. She falls a lot due to hardening of arteries (legs).

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Another thought...some senior centers have "loan closets". Residents donate no longer needed assistive devices, including such items as commodes. If you don't have a commode, that at least would help a little.

In our area there's an nonprofit organization somewhat similar to the Area Agency on Aging that also provides some items free of charge, at low cost and/or for "donations accepted." My few experiences with them were that it took months for them to even address our needs, but it might be different in other areas of the country.

This particular organization was a collaboration of 2 county human services agencies. Again, a 211 phont call might help here.

And if that doesn't work and you need a commode, you could try at thrift shops (Salvation Army, Grace Centers of Hope, etc.).
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Some communities get federal grant funds for emergency repairs, which may or may not include handicapped adaptations. It's worth a try.

Contact the Concord Senior Center, Building Inspection and/or Manager's office to determine if they have such funds available.

Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in Action also provide assistance for those in need.

There may be income qualification issues; given that your mother lives with you, I don't know whether whatever income you might have might influence a decision for assistance with retrofitting.

It would also depend on how what you want installed. Grab bars might be considered but a retrofitted walk-in shower might not. It all depends on the criteria of the agency or organization.

You could also call 211, the United Way helpline, and ask for organizations/agencies that might provide assistance.
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