I am a 79 year old woman with a pace maker and I am trying to take care of my 64 year old son that is blind and on Dialysis. I can't find a home for him because he is on SSI. a bus takes him to the dialysis center I'm tried of taking care of him. What are my options? and I also have been Diagnosed with dementia.

SSI meaning Supplimental Income or Social Security?

I think under the circumstances a nice Nursing Home paid by Medicaid maybe what you should do. He is probably not capable of living on his own and would need lots of help to do so. I would talk to a Medicaid caseworker to see what options are available. Or contact your Office of Aging and see if they can help you thru the "red tape".
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Jazz, most dialysis centers have social workers on staff.

Have you talked to the one at your sons center about finding him a group home?
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