Have there been any reports about memory loss associated with the sleep supplement Pure Eden?


I’ve been taking it for about six weeks, and have noticed a difference in my memory. I’m hoping it’s just from the busyness of Christmas but I am concerned. Eden really has helped me sleep.

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I see it contains melatonin but there is no listing of other ingredients on Google. I was at a medical conference that talked about melatonin and I still have a photo of the slide. It was a lecture on delerium in the ICU by a doctor talking about strategies for resetting the biological clock. Melatonin is a natural ingredient found in certain food. If taken about 90 min before bedtime and we are not exposed to too much light it aids to fall asleep. Our brains help make this substance in the dark to aid our circadian rhythms. Again, I am not sure of other ingredients.
One question for you if it is helping with your sleep? Are you more groggy in the morning? Melatonin effects dissipate when you wake and expose yourself to sunshine and leaves no hangover effect. If you are experiencing symptoms more in the early part of your day, perhaps you should ask your doctor to get an assessment for sleep apnea
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Dear Sadie,

I am trying to research the side effects on Google but nothing is coming up. But I have to caution you that all medications even those over the counter ones can have side effects. My father had a terrible sensitivity to medication. I would try talking to your doctor and see if another sleep aid might be better for you and have less side effects. If you feel it is affecting your memory, you could try stopping this pill and see if your memory comes back.
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