Has anyone had experience with CAP- Community Acquired Pneumonia?

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My husband has Alzheimer’s and is in a Memory Care facility. It was discovered in the ER that he had Pneumonia. He fell on two consecutive days and experienced delirium. He was taken to the ER to rule out head injury which was negative but spiked a temp while in ER. He received IV antibiotics followed by ten days of oral antibiotics. He continues with delerium and limited mobility.

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Age and delerium is common with pneumonia. He is also away from home. Mom went through this at age 92. It took about 6 weeks before she became her old self. She also needed PT at rehab for a month
We went through this as well. There was improvement after 4-6 weeks, but never completely back to the original baseline.
My dad with dementia got pneumonia last January. Spent a week in the hospital and a week in rehab. His mental functioning plummeted during that time as well as mobility.

He did come back to how he was before after he recovered in rehab.
Sharing your insight was greatly appreciated and most helpful. Thank you!
I had that kind at age 63, from a place I went to for training, and we shared lunches. I assumed that's where I got it, but the exhaustion and lung trouble gradually sneaked up on me, till I needed an electric cart to do my shopping. I was still complaining it was my asthma worsening, till I had double pneumonia. It took so long to regain any energy!
You can look this up, but my understanding was that this type of pneumonia was viral, until the conditions in the lungs were ripe for the germs that need antibiotics.
CAP is acquired from little contact with health care.

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