I'm once again seeking advice on how to handle my mom's medication. I have been putting mom's medicine in a weekly, four dose pill organizer for some time now. However recently she has started getting confused as to what day it is and which pills she should take. This confusion has lead to many disagreements between mom and me. I decided it is best to take the medicines away from her reach and dispense each dose. This has angered my mother and says I am only confusing her more by not letting her have control. I have given her written descriptions of each pill, why she takes it and when and this still has not stopped her from taking the wrong pills. I am about to lose what little sanity I still have. I am hoping you can offer some suggestions.

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The pill thing was one of the first warning signals we had that my mother-in-law shouldn't be living alone anymore. We had 2 seven day organizers for her pills. All she had to do was open up the little thing and take her pills. But lots of times she couldn't feel those little pills with her fingertips, and wouldn't take them. Or she would take too many, cause she would forget she already took her pills for the day. And not being able to read, she couldn't see the days of the weeks. Now in her asst. living place, they make sure she takes her pills 4x's a day. No more worrying about that.
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