How can my grandma get better bone strength?

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My grandma cannot walk and her legs are becoming bent.

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Have you talked to her doctor about the problem? There might be some sort of physical therapy or exercise that could help her, or perhaps some medical equipment.
There are medications that build stronger bones, but I'm not sure when they are appropriate. I asked my cousin's orthopaedic doctor about them and they said they would not recommend them for her. She has dementia, but I have no idea why. She has osteoporosis and has sustained several recent fractures. I think I'm going to push the matter. Calcium and Vitamin D just doesn't seem to be enough.
apunagaraju, are you sure the bend is the bones and not the knees or hips wearing out? talk to her doctor .
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As mom got weaker and weaker, she began walking like prehistoric man. Knees bent, head down, hunched over. I think it's a natural progression into old age myself. I'd always remind her, "Mom! Straighten your legs! That was good for two steps. And, "Mom! Straighten up!" Another two steps. I finally gave up.
Discuss this with her doctor.
Good to talk with her doctor about slowing the progression. Truth is walking will always be important, but long distances (several blocks to the store) will never be the same. I got one of these Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scout 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter for my grandpa for long distances, and he loves it! He will use it to go where he needs to, the park it and walk around a bit, and come back to it to get home. It's given him new life!
Mom is 95, has severe osteoporosis, has had multiple breaks since she was 62. Doctor didn't put her on Fosamax until she broke her hip at age 81, more than a decade after Fosamax was available. I think that once you're in your 70s and older, there's not much that can be done to slow the progression. I'm 65, have run 30-50 miles a week since I was 17, work out with weights, yet I was diagnosed with osteopenia when I was 51 and was on Fosamax for 10+ years. I wish as osteoporosis got as much attention as breast cancer; it affects so many more people and there is no cure. Mom's just one major fall from dying. Something like 50% of women died within a year of breaking a hip bone; one of Mom's friends got a blood clot and died 3 weeks later. Mom now uses a walker 100% of the time, even in her home.

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