Hi guys my grandfather had a massive stroke last Wednesday, and it has affected his left side, and also his swallow. He is unresponsive and my father has decided against peg and tube feeding at present. He is only on IV fluids and paracetamol iv for pain relief. Could someone please advise me how long he can go on like this?

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Your GF may have a DNR in place which he asked for no feeding tube. My daughter is an RN and is against a feeding tube if signs show the person is in the final stage of life. If it is put in it cannot be removed because then ur starving the person. It's hard, but we all have to eventually let a loved one go.
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Sam, you're asking for information that can only be accurately provided by GF's medical team.

There are several issues involved - nonresponsiveness, dysphagia, left side nonfunctional....your questions turn on the seriousness and possibility of improvement of each of these aspects.

Has your father spoken with the medical team? They're the best ones to offer advice, and it may be contingent, i.e., contingent on his becoming responsive, of having therapy for dysphasia, of getting sufficient nutrition, and more.

I have a feeling if your father declined a PEG tube that this is quite serious and your father has made a decision against aggressive intervention, but only he knows. There may even be a 'wait and see" approach.

Have a heart to heart talk with your father. It sounds like he's the one making the decisions.

And I'm sorry to learn that this has happened to one of your loved ones.
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