My mom doesn't think she has a problem, dementia, but I see changes. How do I get her evaluated without her support?

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I think if you have a great relationship with your mom, then you ought to be able to sit with her and have an honest conversation. If she knows that you love her and only want to protect and make sure she's okay, then that's half the battle right there. Tell her that you've noticed some changes with her health (leave out the mental stuff for now) and that you want to take her to the doctor to have 'it' checked out. I don't know if you've gotten written permission from her to have you talk freely with the doctor, so make sure you have DPOA first. When I first started taking my mother-in-law to see her doctor for her dementia, he didn't to talk about her without her being in the same room. So I had to just tell him what I'd observed and was concerned about with her sitting there. Now she can't remember past 5 minutes, so it was no biggie, but what about your mom? You may have to, write out a letter or notes or whatever to give her doctor if you don't want to tell them what you're worried about while she's sitting there. Good luck. Gotta do what you gotta do.
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