All mom does all day is sit. Her doctor and I have told her she will feel better if she did a little exercise. She complaints her leg hurts, she's constipated and has trouble sleeping. She also will.not spend anytime outside. Mom has Alzheimer's and in living in a memory care facility
Her care givers tell me she doesn't want to participate in the activities . I want to encourage her without being pushy

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Thanks for the good ideas. I think telling her its time for this or we are going to do that will work instead of asking her if she wants to.
Mom can walk just very slowly . She has never been a napper
Everyone gets up showered and dressed and out into a comunity sitting room shes there all day unless shes eating or going to.the bathroom. I just want her to feel better by being more active..i dont think she believes me
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My mom is in AL and she doesn't do a lot of activities. In April she was moved to the SNF downstairs for observation and she participated in few of the activities. The Activities Girl would come get the residents from their room to get the to come if they wanted to join in. Now that she's back in her AL apartment she doesn't do as much.
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My mom is like Babalou's. If I go over and say, "Do you want to do x", she'll say no, she's too tired. So I go and say, "OK mom, we're going to lunch" or out to shop, or whatever. I just act like it's a done deal and she'll usually go along. Sometimes I have to out talk her into doing it.

Whenever she does what I want her to do, she's happy afterwards, but it can be a chore to get her to go. So don't give up. My mom doesn't have Alzheimers, but does have general cognitive decline.
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What worked for the staff at my mom's nursing was this: they stopped asked her "do you want to....?" We had them say "now it's time to...go to exercise, go to bingo, go to the lobby for mocktails and blackjack". We told them if she said "no" they shouldn't force her but if not, they should take her to the activity.
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Have you spoken to the staff about getting your mom up and moving during the day? Is she able to go outside without supervision or would a staff member have to take her outside?

Stop in to see her when you know there's a particular activity going on and go with her. That might motivate her to start attending more activities. And you can also get in touch with the activities director and ask him/her to make a point of asking your mom to join in.

Is your mom sitting in a wheelchair or a chair all day? Does she just stay in her room? I think getting the staff involved might help. Her lethargy may be causing her constipation and if she's sitting all day she may be dozing off throughout the day which would cause her to not sleep well at night.

All you can do is encourage your mom. You can't force her to do anything. Just like that horse. You can lead it to water but you can't make it drink.
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